Works by A. L. Burgess Jr.

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Garden of
Salt and Stone
Rebellion and the Angelic Wars

Meet Peter Andrews, a dogmatic history professor that only deals with the material trappings of the physical universe. If he cannot see or touch something, then with near certainty, it does not or cannot exist. For him, musings of the supernatural are nothing more than the surreptitious meddling of a mind bent on creating abstract thoughts to soothe fears over the inevitable outcome we must all face.

Peter is confident there is no life after death.

Peter does not have a soul.

Peter knows there is no such thing as Heaven or Hell.

Peter cannot fathom a realm where angels and demons battle over the fate of humanity.

Peter is dead wrong.

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Passing Journey

Grief and Loss

The passing of a loved one, family pet, or the breakup of a significant relationship, can be a devastating moment in our lives and prove difficult to endure. This short story, for children as well as adults, bridges the gap between spoken and unspoken grief. It serves as a focal point of discussion to share thoughts and feelings that are complex to communicate and express. Grief is a natural part of life and no one should carry the burden in silence.

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Children of Na

Power to Control Civilizations 

Existing within dimensional space for a chance to live again, an alien consciousness is reborn into the body of a plantation slave. While trying to escape his Earthly prison, Silas finds himself teleported through time and captured by the Nazis. Only Yakob Alexandrov, a fugitive Russian scientist, stands between the slave and a maniacal SS General bent on using the alien technology to dominate the world.

Delve into the deepest tunnels filled with Nazi Wonder Weapons such as the V-2, Die Glocke (Nazi Bell) and more. Expericence World War II Germany's top secrect weapons projects at such places as Peenemunde, Mittelwerk and Oberammergau. Fight with Yakob Alexandrov, Wernher von Braun and Walter Dornberger as they do battle with SS General Hans Kammler as he attempts to claim ancient alien technology for the Third Reich.

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