Absolute Power

      Existing within dimensional space for a chance to live again, an alien consciousness is reborn into the body of a plantation slave. While trying to escape his Earthly prison, Silas finds himself teleported through time and captured by the Nazis. Only Yakob Alexandrov, a fugitive Russian scientist, stands between the slave and a maniacal SS General bent on using the alien technology to dominate the world.

A New Novel by A. L. Burgess Jr.

      Join us for the science fiction journey of a lifetime. Travel from a pre-Civil War Georgia plantation to the battlefields of World War II. Delve into the deepest tunnels filled with Nazi Wonder Weapons such as the V-2, Die Glocke (Nazi Bell) and more. Expericence World War II Germany's top secrect weapons projects at such places as Peenemunde, Mittelwerk and Oberammergau. Fight with Yakob Alexandrov, Wernher von Braun and Walter Dornberger as they do battle with SS General Hans Kammler as he attempts to claim ancient alien technology for the Third Reich.

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